Praga Brewing Company

Czech brewers of Praga Premium Pils and Dark Lager


Originally founded as Budějovický měšťanský, the brewery has over the past 200 years built reputation for producing outstanding styles of quality beers. The Brewery’s Flagship beer is  B.B. Budweiser Bier lager sold in the U.S. market as Praga Premium Pils. The is beer is recognized by its golden color, deep fermentation and a touch of bitterness giving it a unique taste.
 The Brewery has a whole beer range of styles presented under the brand name Samson Budweiser Bier.


The origins of brewing in České Budějovice (Budweis) fall into the time of founding of this town by Czech King Přemysl Otakar II, in 1265. All the lawful Czech and German citizens inside the walls of the town had the right to brew. The "Mile law" granted by the Kings Charles IV and Wenceslav II ensured that in the vicinity of the brewery town there could not be located another brewery or its pub or malt house. This law had not been firmly enforced until 1464, when the burgers of Budweis decided to abolish all malt houses and breweries in the surrounding area of their privileged "Mile law" land, no matter who had owned them and had sent armed men to undertake this order.


The Rosenberg settlements and villages belonging to the Vyšší Brod monastery had been were closed. In 1619 the mining town of Rudolfov and its brewery was also destroyed. 
Besides the privately owned burger breweries a new municipal brewery producing "white beer" from wheat malt was built by town council after negotiations and with financial support of burgers with a license to brew. Previously, they were only allowed to brew "dark beer" using the barley malt.  The beer was called B.B. Budweiser Bier Dark Lager sold in the U.S. market as Praga Dark Lager.


In 1722 the burgers bought the Brewery of the brewer Mr. Matěj Konvička with all brewing equipment (Presently the Hotel Malý Pivovar). The town council later proclaimed the Brewery as town property. The ownership dispute lasted until 1795 when both the town brewery and former brewery of Matěj Konvička had to be given back to the burgers. To maintain the breweries a company called "Administration Budweiser Bürgerbräu" was established the same year. In 1871 its successor became a private trading company that accepted in 1894 the official name "Die Budweiser Bräuberechtigten - Bürgerliches Bräuhaus-Gegründet 1795 - Budweis (The Budweis burgers licensed to brew - Burger brewery - founded in 1795 - Budweis).

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