Flemish Stew

Beer Used: 

1 lb. 4 oz. beefsteak
2 big carrots
2 big onions
Salt, Pepper
2 bottles (11.2 fl.oz.) BORNEM Abby Ale
2 tbls flour to bind
1.5 oz. Butter
1 tbls chopped parsley
1 laurel-leaf, 1 thyme
1.5 tbls Sunflower Oil

How to prepare:

Dry meat with kitchenpaper and cut in pieces of about 1 inch.
Chop onions and carrots.
Heat butter and oil and wait until foam of butter is almost gone.

Bake meat light brown on all sides. During baking, add chopped onions and add salt and pepper to taste. Let onions bake until they start coloring.

Strew flour through sieve upon meat and add the carrots.
Scoop everything several times to mix.

Pour, while continously stirring in the pan, 1.5 bottle Bornem Double Ale and continue to stir until everything starts boiling.

Add the laurel-leaf and the thyme.
Temper the fire. Put cover on pan and leave everything to stew gently for 2:30 hours. Once in a while stir the meat and add more Ale or water when to mutch fluid seems to evaporate.

Take away laurel-leaf and thyme before serving. Taste the sauce and bring to taste with salt and pepper. Put everything in pre-heated bowl. Straw parsley on bowl and offer each of your guests a Bornem Double Ale.

Excellent with thin French fries or coleslaw.