Fun And Beer 2013--- September 17th

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Our day began at 9:30am and we drove to the Castle of Gaasbeek.  It was a beautiful castle.  We had a tour guide that directed us where to go and had an audio device that told us the history of the Castle.  After the tour, we headed to Westmalle.  We watched a video telling us the history of the brewery.  We learned that they built the brewery in 1836.  In the brewing process, they use all natural ingredients which are water, malt, hops, sugar, and yeast.  They brew a Tripel and a dubbel. We got a chance to taste the Half  and Half (only served at the brewery cafe) which is half the tripel and half the dubbel.  They don't allow people in the brewery so after the video, we had lunch.  For lunch, we had Croque-Monsieur (ham and cheese sandwich) and a small salad.  After lunch, we walked around the Abbey grounds.  

We continued on to Antwerp where Regnier took us on a pubcrawl.  We went two bars.  The first bar was called The Kulminator and the owner was very eccentric.  He has many beers that he ages and people love going there for this.  The second bar was called 't Antwaerps Bierhuiske and they also had a good beer selection.

After the pub crawl, we headed to dinner at "De Groote Witte Arend."  For the first course, we had cheese croquets and shrimp croquets paired with Troubadour Blond.  The main course was rabbit and it was paired with Westmalle Dubbel.  After dinner, we headed back to the Hotel in Ghent but some of us wanted to go to a well-known bar called "Dulle Griet."  One of the participants ordered the house beer and it came in a 1.2Liter glass.  He had to give up his shoe and put it in a basket because people try to steal the glass.  Once you return the glass, you get your shoe back.  Of course, he shared the beer with us.  After a few drinks, we headed back to the hotel but a few of us were still awake.  We had a pizza delivered to the Hotel and a drink at the Hotel Bar.  The receptionist was nice enough to open the bar up for us!!!  We eventually did head to bed!!!

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