Fun and Beer 2013---September 18th

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The next morning, we were all on the bus by nine even the night owls.  We headed to Brewery Roman in Oudenaarde.  The tour was given by Assistant Brewmaster, Jasper.  He was very informative and nice.  We learned that it is in the fourteenth generation and it was started in 1545.  They brew Sloeber, Ename, and Adriaen Brouwer.  After the tour, we went to the tasting room and tried some of their beers.  

We headed to lunch at Bockor Cafe Gravenhof in Ingelmunster.  It is Luc's bar.  He used to work for Albion tours.  Pol (our bus driver) made us sandwiches.  We had a choice of salami, smoked salmon, or ground meat.  We also had a dessert that is local to the region.  Luc's bar had Orval and it was aged one, two, and three years old so that was a treat to try!!! 

After lunch, we went to De Struise Brouwers in Oostvleteren. Our tour guide was Carlo.  We got to see their small brewhouse which is used to test samples and small batches. Also, we learned that brewery was established in 2001.  The brewer uses open fermentation and the beer fermentates for five days. For the second fermentation, the beer is put into closed tanks. After the tour, we got to taste their beers. The tasting room was an old classroom.  We got to try Smonk, Black Albert, St. Anatus,  and a few other ones.  They also let us try the Imperial Lager right out of the lager tanks.  We also tried the Elliot Brew (8 different hops) right out of the lager tanks!!!

After the tour, we went to Schravanecker Farm for dinner which was literally right down the street.  This place is a Bed and Breakfast, restaurant, and a farm.  We had a BBQ that included sausage, pork ribs, baked potatoes, sting beans, and salad.  There was a trampoline in the yard so a few of us played on that.  After dinner, we went to Hotel Martin in Brugge and checked in.  There was no pub crawl but some people went out and experienced Brugge's nightlife!!!



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