Fun And Beer 2013--- September 19th

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Good Morning!!!   The first stop of the day was Brewery Bavik.  We loved that the head brewmaster, Kris  Vanecker was our tour guide.  He showed us the brewery, the big oak barrels, the keg line, and the two bottling lines.  The brewery was founded in 1894 and is now in the fourth generation of the Debrabander family.  After the tour, we went to the tasting room that overlooks the bottling lines and got to try their beers.  We got to choose from Wittekerke Rose,  Wittekerke, the Petrus brands (newly released Petrus  Aged Red brewed with fresh cherries), and Bavik. 

After this tour, we went to a restaurant called “Trak 75” for lunch.  This restaurant used to be a railway station.   We had onion soup and a delicious beef stew.  We got to choose what beers we wanted to enjoy!!!

The next stop was Brewery Van Steenberge in Ertvelde.  The tour was given by Peter which is Jef Versele's father in-law.  He showed us the brewery, bottling line, and the warehouse.  We learned that the brewery was founded in 1874.  Brewery Van Steenberge brews Piraat, Gulden Draak, Bornem Double and Triple, Bruegel, Leute Bok, Monks Cafe and Klokke Roeland.  After the tour, we tasted some of their beers including the Piraat Triple Hop!!! 

After the tour, we decided to go to dinner first.  We traveled to village of Philippine just over the border in the Netherlands and ate a mussel dinner at "De OUde Haven."  We had a partner and we were given a huge bowl  of mussels to split.  A few of us finished the mussels.  We also had Frites.  After dinner, we planned on going to the "Roste  Muis" Bar but they were closing for the night and didn't want to stay open for us.  We headed back to the hotel and a few of us went on a pub crawl in Brugge!!!


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