Fun And Beer Tour 2013

Click on the thumbnails to get a glimpse of the fun that we had!!! 

Welcome to the Global Beer Network's Fun and Beer Tour 2013!!! We had another exciting trip.  It began on Sunday September 15th.  We kicked off the tour with a few beers and meeting each other at Hotel Novotel in Brussels.   Our tour guide, Regnier took us on a walking sightseeing tour and we stopped at Delirium Cafe for of course, a beer!!! Our first beer dinner together was at La Rose Blanche at the Grand Place. For the Aperitif beer, we had Brugs Witt with black currants.   The first course was pate and salad with a Mort Subite Gueuze. The main course was Salmon and we drank a Grimbergen Blond.  The dessert which was a Belgian Waffle with homemade whip cream and cherries was unbelievable!!!  We  drank a Mort Subite Lambic with this scrumptious dessert!!!  A few of us weren't done having fun so we  crawled to "Posejenellekelder"(a former puppet theatre  now beer bar with an excellent choice of beer), "A la  Mort Subite" and also a less touristy pub near the hotel but still had a good beer selection.  We headed back to the Hotel after our pubcrawl and tried to get a goodnight's sleep!!!


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