Fun And Beer Tour 2013-September 16th

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Good Morning!  We were up and ready to go at 9am. after having a hearty breakfast.  However, Pol (our bus driver) was stuck in traffic but that didn't stop us from still having a good time of filling in our last participant to join us on the tour on what we did the previous day.  Pol arrived with the magical fun beer bus and transported us first to the Atomium.  The Atomium was an incredible sight to look at.  It was presented at the World Fair of Brussels in 1958.  There are nine spheres and stands at 334.65 feet.  We took some pictures and then hopped back onto the bus.  The next stop was Brasserie Cantillon.  Regnier gave us a very informative and interesting tour.  We learned that it was founded in 1900 and that it is the last lambic brewery in the city centre.  The beer is brewed from October to April.  After the tour, we got the chance to try the one and 1/2 year old lambic!!!

We were getting hungry so we headed to "In T'Spinnekopke;" (located in Brussels).  The meal was Stoemp which is a popular dish in Belgium that consists of mash potatoes, vegetables and this dish had a sausage.  We got to choose our own beer. 

After lunch, we headed to Gueuzerie Tilquin located in Rebecq.  Also, it is the only gueuze blendery in Wallonia.  Pierre (owner of the blendery) was  an excellent tour guide and  we could tell how passionate he is about his beer.  He started the blendery in 2009.  We got a chance to try some of the blends and even had one directly out of the barrels!!!  

If two breweries were not enough, how about one more?  We traveled to the village of Silly in the Walloon region to visit Brasserie de Silly.  Our tour guide was Lionel (Sales and Export Manager).   We learned that the brewery is family-owned and was first mentioned on paper in the 1850s.   It was first a farm and they would brew a Saison and serve it to the workers.  Another interesting fact  is that they painted their brew kettles black during World War I so the Germans wouldn't take their copper.  We got to see their equipment and then we went to their tasting room.  We just relaxed and had a few beers with Lionel.  Then we had to go to dinner but Lionel came with us!!!  We had dinner at "Aux 9 Tilluels".  For the first course, we had Pate and salad  and drank a Titje Wit.  The second course was pork roast (dark gravy made with Scotch de Silly), potato croquets, and pears marinated in red wine.   We drank a Scotch de Silly.  For dessert, we had Crème Brûlée.  After dinner, we said goodbye to Lionel and then headed back to the hotel in Brussels.  Some of us still had the energy for another pub.  We went to "Moeder Lambic" and after a few beers, we called it a night!!!

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