Fun And Beer Tour---- September 21st.


Click on the thumbnails above to get a glimpse of the fun that we had!!!

Good Morning!!! Today was a free day in beautiful Brugge.  There is so much to do in this city.  Take a ride on a boat down the canal or walk the streets taking in the historical sites or take a horse-drawn carriage ride!!!  Some of us met up at Cambrinus for lunch.  Many of us went to Bier Tempel.  This store has an assortment of beer and souveniers especially the Westvleteren beer.  There was also the Belfry that you could climb 365 steps to the top.  However, some of us saved our energy for when we went to Brouwerji De Halve Maan later in the day.  

Before we went to the Brewery, Regnier took some of us on a walking tour of the city.  He showed us the Godhouses, a pub and a church.  Regnier took us back to our hotel.  He couldn't join us on the brewery tour so Cassandra made sure the participants got there safely.  At this brewery, the tour guide was very entertaining and informative.  We got a workout walking up all the stairs.  However, when we got to the top, it was spectacular sight!!!  The brewery was brewing that day.  After the tour, we got to try the Brugse Zot Unfiltered.   They also have Brugse Zot Dubbel so some of us tried that before we headed to Regnier’s new bar, Le Trappiste!!!

We had our last beer dinner at Le Trappiste!!! Kristof from Brewery Musketeers was there for this medieval dinner.  He explained a little bit about his brewery and tried to talk to everybody but it was difficult when he was the center of attention.  Regnier’s pub was very medieval and had the first Gulden Draak Tower in Brugge!!!   For dinner, we had a buffet.  We drank Troubadour blonde, Obscura, and Magma.  We also go to try the Westvleteren!!!  After the dinner, we said our final goodbyes to Kristoff and Regnier.  Then we were taken to our final hotel near the airport.  We said goodbye to Pol (our bus driver) and everyone else on the tour!!!

Global Beer Network hopes everyone had a good time on this tour!!!!