Gulden Draak- Conquer the Fear.....Conquer the Dragon



Beware!...these bottles contain an ale unlike any you’ve ever tasted. brewed using the same recipe since 1784, it is second fermented with wine yeast making it aggressively smooth. Gulden Draak is caramel in color, with a fruity nose and malty toffee taste. The yeast cultures are still alive in the bottle meaning this beer  is as fresh as the day it was made. As with all dragons, this legendary ale can be a challenge. but once you’re accustomed to it’s rich, unique style, you’ll find the rewards are well worth the risk.


Upload a picture of you and your friends conquering the dragon to Facebook with the hashtag  #GULDENDRAAK

If we like what we see we’ll send you some cool Gulden Draak Loot! To the conquerer go the spoils!

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