Petrus Sour Power Sampler

The Petrus Sour Power Six Pack Sampler features 4 of Global Beer's finest sour ale offerings brewed by Br. De Brabandere. Included in the pack are three Petrus Aged Pale, and one each of Petrus Aged Red, Petrus 50/50, and Petrus Oud Bruin.



PETRUS AGED PALE - Aged?  Many beers have a long maturation, but this one has 24-30 months in oak barrels. Pale?  This beer has an old gold to bronze color, rather than the burgundy more  common in the breweries of West Flanders. This is the ‘mother beer,’ used in various quantities to blend with the other Petrus beers, and to give them their unique and very distinctive taste. This mother beer is rather sour with a bite like the best Brut Champagnes. A connoisseur’s delight! The only one of its kind on the U.S. market. The beer was first brought to market at the insistence of the late and great Beer Hunter Michael Jackson.

100% “Mother Beer” aged in Oak Foeders. Also used to add sour flavor to other blends. The gold standard for sour beers in the USA. 5 out of 5 on the Sour Scale - ABV 5.5% [Read more...]

WBA Gold Medal Winner

PETRUS AGED RED - 85% Dubbel Bruin base with 15% Petrus Aged Pale added to give it a sour essence. Fresh cherries are added to complete the sweet and sour balance. 2 out of 5 on the Sour Scale - ABV 8.5% [Read more...]

50/50 -

50% Aged Pale and 50% Aged Red. The Brewmasters favorite blend.  4 out of 5 on the Sour Scale - ABV 7.9%

[Read more...]

PETRUS OUD BRUIN - Dark Ruby Red - Red as wine. The style is also called the Burgundy of Flanders, and is a very typical and common beer in West Flanders. Created by a secret blend of the aged and sour ‘mother beer’ with fresh brewed sweeter beer, this beer produces a sour- sweet balance, set off by the underlying bitterness of the hops. A discovery! The best in its style! Light in alcohol, exciting complex flavors and tastes come to the forefront. Although serving cold is recommended, taking time to drink it will release more aromas towards the end of your glass. 3 out of 5 on the Sour Scale - ABV 5.5% [Read more...]

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