Pirate Crab Soup

Beer Used: 


7 oz. Crab meat
2 pints Fish Stock
4 Peeled & Pitted Tomatoes
2 thin leeks
2 tsp Worcestersauce
Salt, white Pepper
1 bottle Piraat Special Ale
2 tsp Chopped Parsley
1-2 tbls Corn Starch

How to prepare:

Chop Crab meat, clean out gristle.

Boil Fish Stock. Add carefully the Piraat Special Ale. Boil for an extra 5 minutes.

Clean leeks. Chop leeks. Put in boiling Fish Stock for some minutes.

Dice Pitted Tomatoes - set aside.

Mix Corn Starch with 12 Fl.Oz. water. Stir this mix in the Stock. Add Tomatoes and Crab meat.

Bring soup to taste with salt, pepper and worcestersauce.


Scoop soup in heated cups. Scatter Parsley on soup.