Turkey-breasts in Orange, the Augustiner-way

Ingredients :
4 Turkey-breasts, of about 4 oz. each
pepper in the mill
2 oranges
2.5 oz butter,
1 bottle of Augustijn Abbey ale 11.2 oz
4 spoons "chicken or turkey-bouillon"
1 spoon cornstarch
2 spoons gingersyrup
1 spoon fine chopped fresh cilantro

How to prepare:
Dry the meat with kitchenpaper, rub salt and pepper on it.

Peel the oranges really thick, to get rid of the white skin. Remove the film around every orange part. Remove seeds. Save juice as much as possible.

Heat the butter and bake the breasts on all sides for about 9 minutes to have them done with nice goldbrown color. Keep them warm afterwards.

Pour the butter from your pan. Extinguish the heat in the pan with the Augustijn Abbey Ale. Stir the crusts on the bottom of the pan loose. Leave everything to boil softly for a little while. Then, pour through strainer to collect the liquid in a pan, and boil this liquid. Add the orange-juice and the chicken or turkey-bouillon. Stir and boil. Strew the cornstarch in the sauce, and stir forceful. Then, add the gingersirop and salt and pepper to bring to taste. From now on you have to prevent the sauce from boiling. Add the orange parts in the saus.

Get ready on the table, holy brothers and sisters!
Use warm plates. Present the breast in the middle of the plate, with a skimmer you take some of the orange parts and you put them on top of the breast. Pour the sauce around the breast. Strew the fine cut cilantro on the sauce. The recommended drink is of course a good glass of Augustijn Abbey Ale.