Poached Egg with Zabaglione (Sabayon) and Hop Sprouts

Beer Used: 

For 4 people:

8 oz. Hop sprouts
1 lemon
17 oz litre water
4 tbsp. flour
4 fresh eggs
2 egg yolks
6 oz butter
4 tbsp. Wittekerke beer
4 oz. cream
4 sticks of chervil

How to prepare:
1. Remove the hard end of the hop sprouts. Put them in warm water to which you add some lemon juice in order for them to keep their whiteness.
2. Mix the flour and the water together. Add some nutmeg and lemon juice. Let boil.
3. Add the hop sprouts and bring once more to boiling point. Let the sprouts cool off in their own juice.
4. Poach the eggs in water to which you add some salt and a dash of vinegar.
5. Have the butter with the Wittekerke in a zabaglione and add the melted butter.
6. Heat the hop sprouts in the cream to which you will have added 4 table-spoons of their cooking juice.
7. Arrange the sprouts on a soup plate and place the poached egg on top of them. Top with zabaglione and a stick of chervil.


Recipe by Piet Huysentruyt
Source: "Lekker thuis:
de lekkerste recepten van Piet en Mimi"
Standaard Uitgeverij
Famous Television Cook in Belgium
Star Restaurant
(1 star Michelin Guide)