Trout on a Bed of Wittekerke Leek

Beer Used: 

Makes 4 servings:
- 4 big leeks
- 2 cans of Wittekerke Belgian Wit Beer.
- 4 table spoons of butter
- 4 trouts
- Pepper & salt

How to prepare:
- clean the leeks, rinse, cut in length and then in 1 inch pieces.

- Pour the Wittekerke beer in the cooking pot and heat. Put the leek in the pot just before boiling point, and stir the leek in the liquid. Switch fire to medium for another 20 minutes and stir in between a couple of times.

- Strain off the leek. Discard the liquid or keep it for a soup you may want to make later. Put 2 table-spoons of butter in the cook pot, melt but don't brown the butter. Add the leek, stir under the butter, add pepper and salt to taste. Veggies are ready.

- While leek is getting ready, clean the trouts. Take bone out (or buy bone-free trouts), cut head and tail off. Put 2 table-spoons of butter in your frying-pan, and fry the trouts on medium heat. About 3 minutes on both sides, add pepper and salt to taste.

Serve the trout with the leek and cooked potatoes and a cooled Wittekerke. Cheers