Abt is Dutch for Abbot, thus the leader of the Abbey.  No surprise this beer is named “Abt”, since it is also the leader of the Kapittel beers with the highest alcohol content of 10% alc. by vol., making this beer a Triple.

And a beautiful triple it is—refermented in the bottle, only good to drink after a few months aging, which is done at the brewery, and ready to be aged for up to 30 years.

As with most Belgian triples, the color tends to be paler, in this case amber, with good head retention.  Of course you taste the alcohol, but this is well complimented with a very complex aroma and full mouth feel.  Round, malty, not very bitter (hoppy), slightly sweet (depending on age) balanced with fruity hints of lemon and orange on the tongue.  Lasting taste.

A warming beer, a dessert on its own.  Such triples were reserved for the Abbots and the Bishops, and on special holy days, the rest of the Abbey could feast as well on this delicious drink of the Gods.