Deep inside the cool dark basements of The Castle of Inglemunster, brewery Van Honsebrouck cellars select bottles from their production.The brewery’s tasting panel, comprised of distinguished palates of employees and friends, were stunned after opening a particular batch of 10-year-old Kasteel Donker. A beer highly regarded for its ability to develop over time, Donker is 11% ABV and very resilient. The high quality roasted malts take center stage after the inevitable departure of hoppy bitterness over time. 5th generation owner Xavier Van Honsebrock knew he had discovered the beer that could be considered the apex of his Kasteel line and could live up to the beauty and luxury of the castle for which it is named. After many trial batches in partnership with his head brewer they crafted a beer that captured the haunting flavors of their aged treasure. Thus in 2009 Kasteel Cuvée du Chateau was born. Notes of toffee, chicory, anise and burnt sugars marry perfectly with the port-wine-like qualities that developed during aging. A pitch-black color and a silky body make this beer a refined and luxurious drinking experience that luckily you don’t have to wait 10 years for. read more about Cuvée du Chateau: