The Story

Passendale is the location where the ‘Battle of Passchendaele’ took place in 1917. During this British offensive a total of no less than 500,000 soldiers were put out of action in 100 days for an advance of barely 5 miles. Passendale thus became the international symbol of senseless force of arms in its most cruel form. Passchendaele, The Great Beer wants to keep the memory of this milestone in the history of the world alive. The label reads: “When opening a bottle of Passchendaele, please hold a minute of silence to commemorate those who fell on the battlefield”.The label’s style and the packaging want to evoke the spirit of the First World War. The beer stands out because of the size of the bottle. With a capacity of half a litre, there is a clear reference to the British ‘pint’.   

Commemorating in good taste
Brewery Van Honsebrouck, located in the town of Ingelmunster in West Flanders and renowned for its range of Kasteel beers, commemorates the centenary of the First World War with the launch of a new blonde beer: Passchendaele.Passchendaele is a delicious thirst-quenching top-fermented blonde beer with low alcohol content (5.2% ABV). The beer owes its spicy finish to a blend of select Belgian hops grown in the area of the battlefront itself. 

Respect – remembrance – revival
Respect, remembrance and revival are the core words and values brewer Xavier Vanhonsebrouck wishes to propagate with this project. Part of the revenue is donated to the municipality of Zonnebeke so as to contribute to the maintenance of its war memorials. Get a taste of this extraordinary blonde beer with its delicate yet robust taste. Enjoy this exceptional beer while you commemorate the Great War.  

The Passchendaele has a surprisingly rich taste, one that you would expect from a stronger beer. It stands out immediately with its full and creamy taste, evolving towards a slight sparkle on the palate and finishing with a mild contraction of the tongue. This light thirst-quencher is on the way to having the complex taste palette of a top-fermented beer.