Thank you for visiting the new website of the Global Beer Network. We are excited to offer the internet this resource to further increase the understanding of the unique experience that imported beer and ciders have to offer. We hope that our close contact with the brewing traditions of Belgium, Germany and Austria will provide some unique perspective as well.

Our Education section will not only delve into the history of our breweries and their beers, it will also provide insight into the significance of their  contribution to the modern day culture of their regions.

The Culinary section will feature suggested beer pairings that we have experienced over the course of 25 years visiting some of the best pubs and restaurants, in both the United States and abroad. Thanks to a variety of ingredients and the powers of carmelization, beer offers endless opportunities for sensory exploration and is unrivaled when it comes to food pairing. Therefore we will also offer recipes from a variety of resources.

We are fortunate that many of our breweries house phenomenal kitchens whose chefs work daily to perfect beer recipes. Some of our brands have served as the inspiration to major magazines and influential bloggers that discuss cooking with beer. Lastly, our brands would not be held in such high regard had they not been featured on the menus of some phenomenal chefs across the country and they will contribute some of their beer recipes as well.
GBN’s website should also serve as the #1 resource for information regarding our breweries and our beers.  If we were to state something false about one of our brands you can rest assured we would hear about it directly from the brewers themselves! This is just the beginning of a new chapter of our website and we hope to provide you direct access to the brewers themselves in the coming months.
Enjoy our new site and if you have any questions about what you see feel free to contact us at any time.
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