Wit is the identification for Belgian Wheat Ales. They are absolutely different from German or US wheat beers. A Wit must be brewed using at least 25 % of wheat malts. Belgian wheat beers are fruitier, with a slight lemony touch, because the use of coriander seeds, orange peels, and other spices is very common.

In Austria and Germany wheat beers are known Weiss. The extreme variation of these beers across producers is a little bit more limited due to the Reinheitsgebot, the German law that requires beer to only be made with water, barley, hops and obviously yeast. Do not let that fool you, these styles of beer are as complex as Belgian Wits. More often than not their complexity comes from the yeast esters that create deep flavors of banana and bubble gum. Some of the best white beers of the world hail from Germany and they strike the balance between depth of flavor and lightness beautifully.

The common thread that runs through this style around the world is that they are meant to be quaffable, refreshing and bright.