Brewery Summary
Flensburger Brauerei provides the greatest styles Germany has to offer, yet the brands are influenced by the towns maritime culture and its role as a summer vacation destination. Their brews have a notable lightness to them, which is exemplified by their clean and crisp Dunkel. Flensburg is one of northernmost cities in Germany, about 580 miles north of Munich. Just a 20 min ride from the Danish border, this seaport town is in fact closer to Copenhagen. In a country unfairly criticized for lacking variety, Flensburger offers a pleasant contrast to the norm.

The History
There were good reasons why five citizens of Flensburg signed the document that set up the Flensburg Brewery on 6th September 1888. They had found an ideal site, a glacier spring with crystal-clear water for brewing and a way of obtaining the ice needed for the lagering cellars.

In the 1930s Flensburg Private Brewery developed into one of the largest breweries in the German state of Schleswig-Holstein under the management of Emil Petersen, an honorary consul. He was able to unite everyone’s efforts on a single goal, and he knew what successful brewing was all about: experience and continuity. His farsightedness led the Flensburg Brewery on the road to success.

Even in the 1960s when all other breweries switched to less expensive crown corks, Emil Petersen stayed true to the swing-top bottle, which still is a characteristic feature of our Flensburger beers to this day. Our swing-top bottle and the plop’ sound when opening it have long been our beer’s trademark – and made us one of the world’s most successful breweries in the swing-top segment.