Brewery Summary
To match the grandeur of its home city of Salzburg, Austria, Stieglbrauerei is one of the most beautiful and impressive breweries in the world. Located on the footsteps of the Alps since 1492, the brewery has one of the most revered fresh-water supplies in the world. Water from Untersburg Mountain is used exactly how it emerges from the ground and makes up 92% of a Stiegl beer. The brewery’s hops and grains are all sourced from Austria. From branded trail markers on spring hikes to their presence on ski slopes, the beers of Stiegl are woven into the fabric of the Austrian culture. A brand cannot achieve this type of devotion without being of the highest quality and embracing the spirit of its region.

The History
We are a private brewery with centuries of tradition. Sustainability, regionalism, adding local value and, above all, the quality of our beers and services have been our top priorities for 525 years. However, this quality is only possible because we use nothing but the best locally-sourced ingredients. The values we have been committed to since the brewery was founded have made us the leading private brewery in Austria.

The brewery’s success is inseparably linked with the name “Kiener”. The Kiener family have owned the brewery for more than 120 years. Dr. Heinrich Dieter Kiener (III) has managed the enterprise’s fortunes since the end of 1990. During this time, Stiegl grew from a small regional brewery to become Austria’s largest and most successful private brewery. As an “independent entrepreneur”, Heinrich Dieter Kiener adopts responsibility by supporting a healthy, regional economic structure with more than 700 secure jobs throughout Austria. Making use of locally-sourced ingredients and treating natural resources with respect is our highest priority. Our sincere appreciation of our esteemed customers, suppliers and employees is at the forefront of everything we do.

Stiegl is Austria’s leading private brewery 

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