Abbey Summary
Abbazia Tre Fontane produces the only Trappist beer in Italy. Located in Rome, the Abbey’s history dates back to 1st century and became affiliated with the Cistercian order in 1625. The monks began cultivating eucalyptus on the abbey grounds in 1870 in an attempt to fend off malaria. The success of their trees led to the production of botanical oils and liqueur. Upon discovery of an ancient beer recipe a eucalyptus-infused tripel was introduced in 2015. Tre Fontane is truly one of most distinctive recipes in the brewing world.

The History
The Abbey of the Tre Fontane is located in Rome in the sacred place where the martyrdom of St. Paul occurred in 67 AD. The Abbey takes its name from the three fountains which miraculously appeared where the head of the apostle hit the ground in three locations after he was beheaded. Hence the name, Tre Fontane (Three Fountains).

Today the Abbey is surrounded by beautiful eucalyptus trees which were planted by Monks starting in 1870. These trees were planted with the belief that eucalyptus had healing qualities that could prevent malaria. In actuality,  eucalyptus does not prevent malaria.  However, the trees do require a tremendous amount of water, therefore draining the surrounding swampy terrain.  As a result the mosquitos, which later were determined to be the actual cause of malaria, disappeared as the swamps dried up.

In 1873 with in-depth knowledge of the trees, the Trappist community began production of Eucalyptus oils and extracts. These products have strong balsamic and antiseptic properties with intense, aromatic scent. They are also a pleasant digestive.

In early 2000, thanks to the discovery of an ancient beer recipe, the monks began brewing Tre Fontane using the surrounding eucalyptus as a spice.  Several years of intense work have now improved the quality, and finally in May of 2015, Tre Fontane  Tripel  was awarded the ATP brand (Authentic Trappist Product). Tre Fontane is the 11th Trappist Beer in the world and the only Trappist Brewery from the ancient holy city of  Rome.