Chimay Bacon Cheeseburger

 Chimay Fried Chicken and Waffles

Chimay Raclette Cheese Nachos

Chimay Beer Braised Bratwurst

Chimay Cheeseburger

 Chimay Cheese Stuffed Pretzel

Chimay Tartiflette Belgian Style Potatoes

Chimay Croque Madame a La Première




Since the middle of the 19th century the Scourmont Abbey has been pairing their own beer and chee ses. Today, with the partnership of the Global Beer Network and Atalanta, we offer you this unique and authentic Belgian experience.

Chimay Trappist beers are particularly well-suited for accompanying a well prepared meal. What is more, like Chimay cheeses, they can be full-fledged ingredients in your best dishes. Cooking with beer is not just a market gimmick in Belgium, it is a part of their heritage, which can be seen in their national dish, Carbonnade, a beef stew prepared with a nice brown beer like Chimay Prèmiere (Red).

The Trappist monks of Scourmont Abbey in Belgium began crafting their renowned cheese in the Chimay countryside in 1876, nearly 15 years after brewing their first beer. Their “Authentic Trappist Product’ starts with the freshest local pasteurized cow’s milk from the Belgian Blue Cross cow, while the production of each wheel is carefully monitored to ensure a superior taste and quality.

Chimay is proudly making this unique, delicious line of handcrafted cheeses and beer for the world to enjoy, while over 90% of their proceeds go to charities to support their region and as well as aid efforts abroad. The Chimay beer and cheese experience of “Cut.Sip.Repeat.” is brought you by Atalanta Inc, Global Beer Network and Bières De Chimay. 

So for your enjoyment and for a good cause, be sure to try these amazing food and beer experiences. Now go out and Cut, Sip and Repeat!

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