Chimay Première was the first ale to be sold by the Trappist monks in 1862, hence the name. The monks did not want sell a beer that would compete directly with the lighter style beers in the region and harm the local economy for which they worked to reinvigorate. These local beers were known as “household beer.” So, the first brand they brought to market was the Chimay Red in 750ml bottles. It became famous for its dark copper color, rich creamy foam and nutritious quality. The beer gives forth distinct apricot aromas and has a pleasantly light and silky mouthfeel which finishes with a touch of bitterness.

At 7% alcohol the more subtle esters of Chimay’s yeast strain emerge nicely which gives the perception of a variety of fruits. This yeast strain was isolated by reverend Father Theodore following his studies at brewing school in Leuven after WWII. It was an important achievement in brewing and set Chimay’s reputation for consistency,quality and innovation that remains today.

This pungent cheese is the most unique of the Chimay line. The wheels are washed in Chimay Première and aged for 4 weeks. Hop extract is added to the paste of the cheese providing pronounced floral and herbal flavors and a slightly bitter finish. A La Première was created for a pairing experience as apricot notes will be mirrored from your knife to your glass.