Flensburger Pilsener….unmistakable in character and freshness. Local barley, influenced by the salty sea-breeze, flourishes in the land between the Baltic and North Sea. Carefully selected hops and this local coastal barley blend to create a flavorful, full aroma taste experience. Flensburger Brewery is proud of the unique fresh taste of their beers using water that originates from the underground glacier streams of northern Scandinavia, that is totally free of pollutants. That’s one secret to the consistently fresh premium-quality beers they have been producing since 1888.

Flensburger brewery is still an independent company constantly moving forward, combining tradition with innovation and focusing on the quality of their products. Now experience the unmistakable Flens Pils flavor in a 16.9oz can!

Voted “Best German Pilsner” by Meininger & Doemens
Winner – Superior Taste Award 2023 – International Taste Institute