Chimay is the definition of a Heritage Brand. One cannot reach world-wide acclaim merely by being old. It has to achieve greatness by being truly committed to the same principles over the course of many generations. An official Trappist brewery and a dairy, production of beer and cheese has been overseen by the monks of The Scourmont Abbey for over a century and nearly 90% of the profits go to charity. In a market full of endless product offerings of variable quality, Chimay offers five brands executed to perfection.

The History
The monks of the Abbey of Scourmont at Chimay belong to the Order of Cistercians of the Strict Observance, known generally as Trappists. These monks, who follow the Rule of Saint Benoit (going back to the 6th century) take the name of “Cistercians” from the monastery of Citeaux, founded in Burgundy in the 12th century. The monks, who have devoted their lives to God, make a living through their manual labour and are thus able to help the poorest of people. In the old days the monks were dedicated to working the fields, but in these modern times their work has developed to include small industries, mostly in the food and agricultural sectors.



This is how, in the countries of northern Europe, they have been brewing beer for several centuries.It was during the summer of 1850 that a small group of monks established themselves on the rugged plateau of Scourmont close to Chimay, Belgium. It was with very hard work that they built a Cistercian abbey at this location and gradually worked to transform the barren soil of this region into fertile farmland. Around the monastery, which was of great beauty and simplicity, a farm was developed, followed by a cheese making plant and a brewery.