The Cinq Cents was first brewed in 1966 by reverend Father Theodore and it was his final contribution to the Chimay line of beers. It was formerly known as “White Cap” and no other brew has been created since. Cinq Cents translates to 500, honoring the 500th anniversary of the Principality of Chimay whose support made the founding of the Scourmont Abbey possible in 1850.

Chimay Cinq Cents has a typical golden color, a slightly hazy appearance topped with a fine foam which releases a bouquet of fruity esters and floral-hop aromas. Mellow flavors of muscat, golden raisins and fresh bread are perfectly balanced by the distinct hoppy bitterness.

The first cheese ever developed by Chimay, Classique is washed and aged for 4 weeks. It is mellow, offering some subtle grassy notes with a touch of salt and a buttery finish. Cinq Cents gives a bright yeasty finish, while the pale malts turn up the perception of grassy notes making this an easy pairing.