Grande Réserve was first launched in 1954 as a Christmas ale under the name “Blue Cap.” It’s success and reputation as a strong ale of the highest quality led to it’s year-round production as Chimay Grande Réserve. Today it is the standard bearer of the Chimay range and has become notorious for its amazing cellaring ability. A beer cellar on the grounds of the abbey secures a vast selection of Chimay Blue bottles whose ages span a multitude of decades.

The beer is remarkably dry for the style and the hint of sweetness is derived purely from the highest quality of malts. Flavors of dates, fig and pear are complimented by aromas of dark bread, with a touch of rose. As the beer ages it maintains its elegance while taking on flavors or sherry and tobacco.

A luxurious cheese that was created to accentuate the high quality of milk produced in the Chimay region. Rich in taste this cheese takes on an almost meaty quality. Salty and Floral notes are balanced perfectly by a silky mouthfeel that blends beautifully with the rounded caramel notes of Chimay Grande Réserve Ale.