Since its inception in 1907, Aventinus “Doppelbock” has been prized by beer drinkers for its complexity and it’s strength. However, stories dating back to the 1930’s circulated that Aventinus which had partially frozen during winter transport had enhanced these flavors and boosted the beers strength. Naturally as water separates from beer, the flavors will become more concentrated and the abv will rise. In 2002 Schneider Weisse decided to mimic these conditions in a controlled setting and thus Aventinus Eisbock was born.

Some of the best beers in the world have been born from a “mistake” and that is certainly the case with Aventinus Eisbock. Spicy flavors of plum, banana and clove reveal themselves along with a hint of bitter almond and marzipan. At 12% abv the beer has a touch of a digestif-like heat at the finish. Due to the special frost-maturing process this beer is not bottle fermented.