”Oude Geuze”…….Traditional, authentic Oude Geuze has only been presented in a bottle because it has always been a beer that is created by bottle conditioning lambic. Oude Geuze is made by blending old and young lambic together and immediately bottling. The young lambic contains natural sugars that allow the wild yeasts from the older lambic to reactivate inside the bottle, creating Geuze. Unfortunately, it is impossible to deliver Oude Geuze in a keg because of the excessive build-up of pressure. To create Geuze on draft, Brewery Boon had to take the innovative steps to alter the formula creating a new lambic blend. They defined the characteristics of the lambic needed for the kegged Geuze targeting lambic from specific foeders which were best suited to the new specifications. This solution provides a way to keep keg pressure down and still produce a “keg conditioned” Geuze with a full-bodied taste and signature Geuze Boon sour fruitiness. This new formula presents a taste different to that of the bottled Geuze with less carbonation and a different mouth-feel experience. Although Geuze Boon Sélection is made within the traditional style unfortunately it cannot be called “Oude Geuze” as this name is protected by the European Union and seen by law as a beer only presented in bottles. So for this new blend Brewery Boon presents a new brand ..…. “Geuze Boon Sélection”.