The brewers of The Musketeers Brewery like to challenge themselves. They love high-quality beers that make people talk. The Bucketlist Series is a series of beers that are strikingly different: limited in editions, crafty in taste and at the same time very well conceived. The series forms the personal bucket list of the brewers. treating beer lovers with a unique taste experience.

Kiss My Nieghbour(‘s Wife) – Juicy IPA will be an instant hit to enjoy. This blond, cloudy beer is a unique combination of hoppy aromas, a very fruity, soft body and a slightly sour, refreshing taste. This slightly acidic touch comes from a specific acidification process during brewing. In the fruity character, you can certainly recognize mango and pineapple which make the taste sweeter and softer. To make the beer experience even more intense, extra dry hopping was applied with a mix of aromatic hops that accentuate the fruitiness even more and give it an extra floral touch.