In 2015 Boon Brewery presented Oude Geuze Boon Black Label for the first time. This Oude Geuze suited the consumers’ palate very well and in May 2016 it won the gold medal at the ‘World Beer Cup 2016’. Because of the success it was decided to make a new blend, Black Label Second Edition. It was bottled at the beginning of 2016. The result is yet again a bone-dry geuze which tastes –although smoother and having more of an old lambic character – similar to the previous edition. This Oude Geuze is made from a selection of lambic from oak casks, foeders, with the highest degree of fermentation. This makes Oude Geuze Boon Black Label bone-dry while keeping it full-bodied. As inspiration for the label on the bottle, the 40 year old design of the first label of ‘Oude Geuze Boon’ was used. The thick white letters ‘Geuze Boon’ will probably be recognized by fans of Geuze Boon from back then.