Barley, wheat, hops and a generous splash of pink grapefruit juice, spiced up with coriander and orange peels, are the ingredients of this unique Belgian beer with a sweet taste, offset by a light bitterness of the fruit and the hops, thus fruity and thirst quenching at the same time.

Drink cold for extra refreshment and enjoyment at party time, aperitif or with fruity desserts.

Brewed since 2004 to celebrate the arrival of the 6th generation brewer, Bertrand Van der Haegen, at the brewery. The Pink color is introduced by the pink grapefruit juice.

The Killer name is another story!  During WW II, the brewery got a fierce guard dog, named Killer.  Chained at the entrance of the brewery, he alerted the brewer, José Van der Haegen, grandfather of Bertrand, when somebody was coming up to the brewery.  Very useful at the time, when German soldiers roamed the countryside, and the brewer was brewing or doing things it was better the Germans didn’t know about…

José claimed the barking of the dog saved his life several times.  The heart on the necklace symbolizes the love of the whole family for dogs.