Traditional style of brew in the Hainaut region of Belgium since Saisons were originally brewed for farm hands, and this region was densely populated with farms. Saisons were brewed during the winter months while the farming workload was slow, however were consumed during the harvest in the summer months.

The taste profile is slightly hoppy and easily drinkable with a hint of sour.  All of these flavors are due to the functional reasons for the beer versus the brewer creating this specific taste profile.  Higher levels of hops were added for it’s qualities of preservation versus taste enhancement, as this beer was to be consumed up to nine months after it was brewed.  A sour note would be detected in the taste of the beer due to oxidation from being aged for nine months in porous wooden casks.  The low alcohol content of these beers give them an easy drinking quality.  

Saison Silly is a traditional Saison—dark in color as the technology to use pale malts was not available in the early 1800’s. The American Saison “styles” and other Belgian Saisons were brewed to meet the whims of the U.S.