It’s often published that Pinot Noir is the perfect wine for a Thanksgiving feast. A google search for “Pinot Noir and turkey” will deliver infinite results from the most respectable sources in food and wine.  Having said that, we are excited to offer Barrel Aged Scotch Silly – Pinot Noir as a beer pairing to deliver the same virtues, while adding some additional depth, complexity and of course carbonation! 

Pinot Noir’s vibrant red and black fruit flavors, delicate floral and spice notes, coupled with a well rounded mouthfeel can enhance a succulent turkey or rescue an overcooked one. These notes can be found in the nose of the beer and ever so gently in the taste.

The original  Scotch Silly is a hybrid style of a Belgian Strong Dark Ale with a Scottish Wee Heavy.  Assertive caramel malt flavors and fruity yeast esters win the day over the wine flavors. So, do not be confused, this is a beer experience. 

The Scotch Silly picked up a gentle acidity in the barrels, which is often a virtue in pairing wine over beer. This allows the beer to cut through the stuffing, stay in balance with your cranberry sauce and liven up the turkey. 

Brasserie de Silly produced 1,600 cases and 250 kegs of Barrel Aged Scotch Silly – Pinot Noir for the United States. The beer recently won Silver Medal at the Brussels Beer Challenge in the category of “Wood Barrel Aged 10%+”.


Scotch Silly Pinot Noir Barrel Aged Ale