At 8.2% ABV, Schneider Weisse Hopfenweisse offers a variety of flavors to match its strength. The beer delivers a slight heat which is balanced by an assertive hop spice and bitterness. Classic notes of banana and clove make way for a dominant aroma of ripe mango.
Located on the northern edge of Hallertau (Germany’s hop growing region) Schneider Weisse naturally uses two regional hops for this brew. The brewmaster has selected Hallertau Tradition for its mellow bitterness and aromas of spring flowers. Hallertau Saphir is used for it’s bold spice and citrus notes. 
At baseline, Hallertau hops are often remembered as noble aroma hops which are mild, earthy, flowery and lend a touch of spice. The region continues to develop varieties which offer more bittering ability. 
This brew requires more hops in the brewing process than any other Schneider beer and it’s dry hopped in the finish as well. Inspired by the bold “New World” Double IPA’s this beer tips its hat westward without abandoning its roots as an authentic Weisse beer.