SCHNEIDER WEISSE HELLE WEISSE   Schneider Weisse   STYLE – Wheat Beer ABV- 5.2%
Inspired by summer in Bavaria, Helle Weisse is an exceptionally clean and crisp weisse beer, known in Germany as “Meine Helle Weisse” or “My Bright White”. Paler in color than Original Schneider Weisse but with the brewery’s trademark cloudiness and aroma. Saphir hops contribute spicy notes and a tangerine aroma.
16.9oz. Cans, 50L Kegs




SCHNEIDER WEISSE LOVE BEER   Schneider Weisse   STYLE – Wheat Beer   ABV- 4.9%
A wheat beer with a golden color topped with a dense and bright white foam. Aromas of citrus, stone fruit and elderflower hint at flavors akin to Sauvignon Blanc. Love Beer has a refreshing tang that finishes with an earthy noble-hop bitterness. A balanced drinking experience and true reflection of Bavarian life.
16.9oz. Bottles, 20L Kegs



BAVIK SUPER WIT   Brewery De Brabandere   STYLE – Wit Beer   ABV- 5.2 %
A hazy-blonde to golden color with a firm white foam with earthy aromas of ground coriander, dried flowers and fresh citrus peel. Also notes of lemon and orange in this medium-bodied Belgian Wit. Much like its predecessor Bavik Super Pils (also unpasteurized) it has a pronounced hop bitterness.
11.2oz Cans – 6 packs, 50L Kegs



PIRAAT ALE   Brewery Van Steenberge   STYLE – Triple   ABV- 10.5%
In the 17th & 18th century, ales like Piraat were highly prized by seafaring pirates and captains. Aggressive amounts of hops and mild malt sweetness is coupled with aromas of fresh bread, spices and tropical fruits for a complex taste. Piraat has a well rounded body and a wickedly rich flavor.
11.2oz Bottles 4 packs, 750ml Bottles, 30L Kegs


SULLIVAN’S IRISH GOLD   Sullivan’s Brewing Company STYLE – Golden Ale     ABV- 5.2 %
Like lagers from the 1800’s, this traditional kettle-hopped Golden Ale combines early & late hop additions for a clean, citrus finish. Brewed by a true master to a rich, copper / gold color. With a subtle apricot & tangerine finish it is both balanced and sessionable.
14.9oz Cans, 30L Kegs



CHIMAY CINQ CENTS   Bières De Chimay   STYLE – Triple   ABV- 9%
A classic Belgian triple with notes of straw, honey, apple and fresh bread. First brewed for the 500th (Cinq Cents) Anniversary of the Principality of Chimay in 1966, which donated the land for the construction of Chimay’s Scourmont Abbey in 1850.
11.2oz Bottles & Can 4 packs, 750ml Bottles, 20L Kegs



STIEGL GRAPEFRUIT RADLER   Stieglbrauerei, Austria   STYLE – Radler   ABV- 2.0%
A blend of 55% grapefruit soda and 45% Stiegl Goldbäu. Originally brewed as a thirst quencher for cyclists in the early 20th century, it offers a crispness of a beer while providing a refreshingly fruity taste. Made with 100% natural ingredients delivering refreshing citrus flavor without the grapefruit bitterness.
16.9oz. Cans, 50L Kegs



STIEGL ZITRONE N/A RADLER   Stieglbrauerei, Austria   STYLE – Non-Alcoholic   ABV- 0.04%
For the first time ever, Stiegl Radler, a beer synonymous with refreshment, can be enjoyed in a non-alcoholic style. Stiegl Radler Zitrone N/A is a blend of Stiegl non-alcoholic lager and lemonade made with all natural ingredients.
11.2oz. Slim Cans